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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Soccer Mom

A few weeks ago, as I drove my old son to his first soccer game 45 minutes away from our house in my mini-van I laughed as I thought I'm a "Soccer Mom".

Sporting the mini-van...loaded with my own kids to in fact a soccer game.

Fast forward to this week when I was responsible for bringing snacks to the Monday soccer game. Given my love for decorating cookies, I knew I needed to do cookies, but not feeling confident in my soccer ball skills, I decided I would make personalized jersey cookies for the kids.

The weather was against me, and the game actually didn't happen, not because of the weather because that had cleared up prior to the game, but the other team didn't show up.

I shared my snack anyway, because honestly who needs an entire watermelon and 30 jersey cookies.

I still have the cookies for the teammates who weren’t at our “game” on Monday, and plan on passing them out at our next practice.
~Enjoy! ~

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