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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flower Cookie Donation

Eric from the Fishing Hole
asked if I would be willing to make a donation for their 4th Annual Chili Cook Off to benefit Feed My People.
Here is my donation for the silent auction.
Thanks Eric!
~ Enjoy! ~

Kris' Bridal Shower Cookies

I made these cookies for Kerry who is having a Bridal Shower for Kris. The cookies are wedding cakes and wedding dresses.
Congrats Kris!
Thanks Kerry!
~ Enjoy! ~

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brittany and Ben's Wedding

Brittany and Ben are getting married today. They are having a small wedding, and I had the honor of making their wedding cake.

I had previously made Brittany's Bridal shower cake…so it was easy to decide on the flavor for their cake, and I knew their colors were pink and orange.  

Brittany and Ben's wedding cake is a vanilla cake with a layer of buttercream between the cakes, and it is topped with a thin layer of butter cream and then covered in fondant.

Congrats Brittany and Ben!
~ Enjoy! ~

Saturday, March 24, 2012

6 layer "Pink" Cake for Kaelin and Braeden

Kaelin and Braeden are celebrating their 6th birthday party today with a 6 layer pink cake that is topped with butter cream frosting. Using a white cake I colored and baked each layer by itself, and then put frosting between the layers. I was only able to snap a picture of the cake before it was frosted, and then once completely frosted, so I hope their mom Chantielle is able to forward me a picture of the cake once it's been cut. I believe this is the first "girly" party that Chantielle's girls have ever wanted, and I can't wait to see how it all turned out.  Chantielle's inspirations came from:

Happy Birthday Kaelin and Braeden!

Thanks Chantielle!

~ Enjoy! ~

Jacob's Titanic Cookies and Cake

Today is Jacob's 9th birthday, and he really likes the Titanic.  I made Titanic cookies for his class yesterday, and a cake and cookies for his friend party today.  Jacob's cake is a chocolate cake that is topped with butter cream. 

Happy Birthday Jacob! 

Thanks again Teri! 

~ Enjoy! ~

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brittany's Bridal Shower

Today our church had a Bridal Shower for Brittany who is getting married at the end of the month. I made Brittany a vanilla cake that had a layer of butter cream between the two layers and then topped the cake with butter cream. Brittany and Ben will be getting married at the end of the month.

Congrats Brittany and Ben!

~Enjoy! ~

Jen's 40th Surprise Party

Jen's husband Paul went all out for her 40th Birthday. First he arranged for Jen's family to all get together for a nice meal out on Friday, and then he organized a Surprise Party for her on Saturday. Paul asked me to make cookies and cake for the occasion.

Jen's cake was a chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate butter cream between the two layers and then entire cake was topped in butter cream.  For the decorations on Jen’s cake I choose to show someone swimming, biking and running.  Jen is one of the girls I am training for my half marathon and half Ironman with.  The cookies were shamrocks since her party was on St. Patrick's Day.
Hope you had a great birthday Jen...remember you are only as old as you act.
Thanks Paul!
~ Enjoy! ~

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jenna's Teapot Cake

Lisa asked if I could make a Teapot cake for Jenna's Birthday.  Jenna's cake is vanilla and it is topped with fondant.

Happy Birthday Jenna!

Thanks Lisa!

~ Enjoy! ~

Cassidy's 21st Birthday Treats

Carla asked if I could make some treats to help Cassidy celebrate her 21st Birthday.  Cassidy is a St. Patty's Baby, so she will be celebrating tonight.  I made a wide variety of drink cookies and attempted to make some green beer cupcakes for her as well. 

Happy Birthday Cassidy! 

Thanks Carla! 

~ Enjoy! ~

Friday, March 16, 2012

Jason's Camouflage Cake

Casey asked if I would be able to make a hunting/camouflage themed cake for her husband Jason's Birthday. Casey and I decided on flame orange sides and a lighter camouflage for the top. The cake is a white cake and the frosting is butter cream.

Happy Birthday Jason!

Thanks Casey!

~ Enjoy! ~

Bill's 50th Birthday Cake

Teri asked if I could make a "Rob" for Bill's 50th Birthday. As Teri picked up the cake, we got to talking about the surprise party and got to laughing that the "Rob" was quite small and that Teri had invited about 30 people to his party. Neither Teri nor I thought to ask the other about that.

Happy 50th Birthday Bill!

Thanks Teri!

~ Enjoy! ~

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Basketball Cookies for my Facebook Winner

Brenda was the winner for my Facebook™ giveaway.  Her prize since she is local was her choice of a cake or cookies.  Brenda asked if I could make cookies for her to take to the Mueller Family Tournament.  I made a few plain basketball cookies, and wrote the kids names on a few. 

Thanks Brenda!  

~Enjoy ~

Angry Bird Cookies

Some time ago Crystal contacted me about the possibility of making Angry Bird Cookies for her. Well I shipped those cookies to Crystal in North Carolina for her son's party.

Thanks Crystal!

~ Enjoy! ~

Randal's 60th Birthday Cake

Last week Randal celebrated his 60th Birthday, but last night he celebrated with some close friends and his dear wife Mary.  Mary asked that his cake have a peace sign, and so here is Randal's chocolate cake with butter cream frosting. 

Happy Birthday Randal! 

Many thanks Mary! 

~ Enjoy! ~

Monday, March 12, 2012

Midwest Dental Logo Cookies

I was asked to make Logo cookies for Midwest Dental here in Sturgeon Bay. 

~ Enjoy! ~

Haylen's Birthday Cake Cookies

Haylen turned 9 today and to help celebrate her Birthday she brought these cookies into school. 

Happy Birthday Haylen! 

Thanks Holly!

~ Enjoy! ~

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beth's Older than Dirt Cake

Rachel asked if I could make a cake for her Step Mom Beth who she was throwing a last minute surprise party for.

Beth is turning 50 and is now Older than Dirt.

Beth's cake is a vanilla cake that I topped with butter cream, and for the dirt I used crushed chocolate graham crackers.

Happy Birthday Beth!

Thanks again Rachel.

~ Enjoy! ~

Oliver's 1st Birthday

Today Oliver is celebrating his 1st Birthday and his Mom Kayla ordered him a duck cake for the occasion.

Oliver's cake is a white cake that is topped with butter cream.

I made Oliver his own smash cake.

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Thanks again Kayla!

~Enjoy! ~

Arry's Rainbow Cake

I was given the opportunity to make cupcakes for Arry's class earlier this week, and a Rainbow Cake for her friend get-together today.

Arry's cake is a strawberry cake that has a layer of strawberry in-between that is then topped with butter cream frosting.

It sounded like Arry and her friends were going to have a fun day in Green Bay doing all sorts of things, and then return home for some cake.

Happy Birthday Arry! .

Thanks Teri!
~ Enjoy! ~

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Arry's Birthday Cupcakes

Arry is 8 today, and her class will be enjoying these chocolate and white marble cupcakes that are topped with pink colored butter cream. 

Happy Birthday Arry! 

Thanks Teri! 

~ Enjoy! ~

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cassidy and Eric's Early Birthday Cookies

Cassidy and Eric celebrated their Birthday's today, before Eric's dad heads out of town for a few weeks. I made these cookies to help them celebrate.
Happy Early Birthday Cassidy and Eric!
Thanks Carla!
~Enjoy! ~

Sally's Birthday Cake

Jack who happens to drive the bus that my oldest son rides stopped the other day to see if I would make a cake for his wife Sally's Birthday. Sally's cake is a yellow cake that is covered with butter cream frosting.

Happy Birthday Sally!

Thanks Jack!
~ Enjoy! ~