Door County Custom Cakes and Cookies

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall 50 2012 Cookies

Some dear friends and I participated in the Door County Fall 50 again this year, and what's a run without some cookies. ;)
Our team name this year was "The Honeymoon is Over" so I made some beach/sunset themed cookies.
The cookies were not only delicious, but also helpful in securing prime parking spots as we used the cookies to "bribe" volunteers. 
(Thanks Doug)
Thanks for the wonderful day ladies!
~ Enjoy! ~


Foofa Cake for Brieah

Brieah turned 2 and wanted a Foofa Cake. 
Thanks Gina!
~ Enjoy! ~


Barb and Dave's 30th Anniversary

Barb and Dave celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend, and part of the fun filled weekend of surprises was this carrot cake.
Congrats on 30 wonderful years Barb and Dave!
Many thanks Lois!
~ Enjoy! ~

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tryston's Birthday Treats

Tryston celebrated his birthday this past weekend, and I made these for him. 
The bucket is a Dirt Dessert and the of course a platter of cookies. 

Happy Birthday Tryston!
Thanks again Gretchen!
~ Enjoy! ~


Friday, October 12, 2012

Saints Cookies

Tad celebrated his birthday last week and his wife Heather ordered these cookies for his birthday.
Geaux Saints!
Happy Birthday Tad!
Thanks again Heather!
~ Enjoy! ~


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Charlie's Monkey Cookies

I made these cookies for Charlie.
His mom Sarah has been an awesome go to person with some of my cakes.
Over the summer when I had a million questions I vowed I would make some cookies for Charlie and Sarah as a thank you.
These will be delivered today. Thanks again Sarah for everything.

~ Enjoy! ~

Bo Said...Love each other, Help each other, Have your neighbor's back

Most of you are aware about Bo and his story, I say that because most of us have been living it day to day...that's what happens when an incredible young man like Bo Johnson lives within your community and that community happens to be in a county where people help each other.
Since moving to Door County I've been amazed at benefits and such things that have occurred on the behalf of individuals. Never before have I lived in a place where this has happened, and here in Door County it just seems to be the way of life.
I was beyond excited at the chance to make cookies for the Go Bo Foundation Bake Sale...and even more glad that I could hand deliver my cookies and not have to ship them. :)
Most of us have read our share about Bo; most of us have shed tears about his situation. Some of us know his family personally, but his message was clear, we are to "love each other, help each other and have your neighbor's back."
Bo challenged his classmates to "help someone in need- even a stranger- reach out and help. This world can be a better place if we care and help each other."
So it's with pride that I say that I am able to make and hand deliver these cookies, but I have to report that I made more than the cookies I am delivering... I had a few friends "order" cookies so they wouldn't have to fight the crowds this weekend...and when I deliver the cookies, I will also deliver a monetary donation to the GO BO Foundation from my friends who just wanted to help out like I did.
For nearly a month my right wrist has sported a GO BO! orange bracelet...I gave one to each of my boys and when they asked what it was for, I told them it was to help remind us to pray for Bo...and now I use it to remind me to pray for his mom Annika.
~ Enjoy! ~



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Class of 1957 Reunion

Last weekend was Homecoming here in town, and the class of 1957 celebrated their 55th Class Reunion. I was asked to make cupcakes for them.
The Red Flower cupcakes are an Almond Cake with a Butter Cream, and the White Flower cupcakes are a Red Velvet with a Cream Cheese frosting. The boxes each hold 15 cupcakes so 60 cupcakes total were made.
Thanks Mary and Committee!
~ Enjoy! ~


MD Thank You Cookies

Christy and Chad wanted to take some cookies into their OB Staff after their last child was born, and these are what I came up with.
~ Enjoy! ~

A Fall Family Gathering

Annie and family are had a Fall Gathering this past weekend, and I made cookies and cupcakes for it.
Thanks Annie, I hope you enjoyed!

~ Enjoy! ~


Friday, October 5, 2012

Cookies for a girls weekend

Tami asked if I would be able to make her some cookies for a girl’s weekend this weekend with some of her friends from college and former colleagues.
I happily sent Tami with these cookies for the weekend.
Have a great weekend Tami!
~ Enjoy! ~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Girls Night and Thank You!

A long time ago, a group of ladies often got together once a forward to now and most of our kids are in school, and don't get me started on the afterschool activities. ;)
Anyway, a few friends and I went out and had pedicures on Tuesday night, and I made these Almond Cupcakes that I topped with Buttercream for us to enjoy while we chatted.
I took the extra cupcakes to our Pastor.
Thanks for a great night ladies!
~ Enjoy! ~

Jaden's Packer Cookies

I made these Packer Football cookies for Jaden's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Jaden!
Thanks Teresa!
~ Enjoy! ~


Cookies for Nana

It’s Nana's Birthday and for her Birthday she received these fall cookies.
Happy Birthday Nana!
Thanks Amy, Brian, Maggie and Ben!
~ Enjoy! ~


Barb's 50th Birthday

Recently Barb turned 50 and Sue threw a little bash for the occasion. I made these cookies for the Party.
Happy Birthday Barb!
Thanks again Sue!
~ Enjoy! ~