Door County Custom Cakes and Cookies

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ashley and Ryan's Wedding

This afternoon Ashley and Ryan were married and this evening they are having their reception. 
I was honored to make their wedding cake and wedding favors.  The wedding topper was a Packer and Cowboy's bobble head figurine.
Congrats Ashley and Ryan on your commitment to each other. 
Thanks Ashley, Lois and Doug! 
~ Enjoy! ~


Wedding Rehearsal Boats Cookies

I made these Sail Boat cookies for a Rehearsal Dinner last evening.
Thanks and Congrats Anne!
Happy Sailing!
~ Enjoy! ~

Jerry's Birthday Cupcakes

I made these Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting for Jerry's Birthday on Monday. 
Happiest Birthday's Jerry!
Thanks Nancy!
~ Enjoy! ~


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Charlotte and Joe's Wedding Shower

Charlotte and Joe are getting married in September, and this past weekend there was a Bridal Shower for them.
I made these cookies for the occasion. The cookies on the platter were enjoyed during the shower and the cookies that were bagged served as goodies for the games that were played. 
Congrats Charlotte and Joe!
Thanks Lorie!
~ Enjoy! ~


McKenzie's Birthday Cake

McKenzie's Birthday was back in May, and she celebrated her Birthday weekend in May at her cousin's wedding. This past weekend she celebrated her Birthday with her friends.
Happy Birthday McKenzie.
Thanks Jen!
~ Enjoy! ~


Lily's Hello Kitty Cake

If you follow me regularly, or off and on, you may have remembered that I made some Hello Kitty cookies for Lily's Summer Birthday for school.  Keeping with the Hello Kitty theme I made this cake for Lily's Birthday last weekend. 
Happy 6th Birthday Lily!
Thanks Nancy!
~ Enjoy! ~


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Barb's Birthday Cake

I made a cake for Barb's Birthday. Her kids all joined her and helped her celebrate last night.

Happy Birthday!

Thanks Sarah!

~ Enjoy! ~

Friday, August 17, 2012

Soccer Balls for the weekend

Jenniece has family in town and a few of them are celebrating their birthdays. I made these cookies for the celebration.

Thanks Jenniece!

~ Enjoy! ~

Baby Girl Shower

I made these cookies for a Baby Shower today. 

Thanks Cathy! 

~Enjoy! ~

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wyatt's Angry Bird Cake

Today is Wyatt's 6th Birthday and he celebrated his Birthday with a friend party and I made the cake. 

Happy 6th Birthday Wyatt! 

Thanks Kayla! 

~Enjoy! ~

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Christmas

This past weekend my husband's side of the family got together for our annual Summer Christmas...a tradition we started a few years ago, when traveling with young kids became a concern with road conditions and weather.

We meet in IL, enjoyed a family picnic, our white elephant gift exchange and a few Christmas Cookies.

~ Enjoy! ~

Thanking you Stars

Over a week ago we saw our regular MD for a Well Child Checkup for my youngest son.

I had been out of my kitchen the majority of the week before and making cookies like I regularly do was off my radar.

About 11 PM the night before his appointment I remembered that I didn't have any cookies ready so we went to our appointment empty handed, apologizing profusely and promising to bring cookies in later that week.

Last Friday we dropped off these cookies both sugar and chocolate chip cookies to thank the wonderful medical staff.
~ Enjoy! ~

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Eye Chart" Thank You Cookies

Amanda has been interning at Peninsula Vision Care Clinic and heads back to school. 

Dr. Filar wanted to say Thanks for Amanda's hard work and let her know that she will be missed, and so I made these cookies for her. 

Good Luck Amanda.

Thanks Paul and Trisha!

~ Enjoy! ~

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ariel Cookies

The Music and Art School 
will be preforming The Little Mermaid tomorrow and Sarah asked if I could make some cookies since her daughter Annika is preforming in it.  Here is how Ariel turned out. 

Thanks Sarah! 

Good Luck Annika! 

 ~Enjoy! ~

Staudenmaier Thank You Cookies

So these cookies might be "old" news, I actually delivered these cookies on my way to the beach last week, and then with company and sick kiddos I realized that I never shared them with you.

These were “Thank You" cookies from Dentistry by Design ( to Staudenmaier Chiropractic Wellness Center (

~Enjoy! ~