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Monday, October 31, 2011

Thankful Pumpkin Cookies

I made these cookies for several different people to express my gratitude.

My middle son had a play date today with a classmate, so I decided I would give the family that so generously took my 4 year old off my hands all day some cookies. I bagged the cookies, and let my son draw on the bag for his friend Zack's family.

Thanks Doug!

The next set of cookies went to my ever so talented hair dresser and the girls at the salon. I was long overdue for a haircut, and I always appreciate her time and her talent.

Thanks Kelly!

The next set (I forgot to snap a picture but they looked like all the rest) went to my dear sweet friend Lisa who generously handed down some clothes to my youngest. I've been meaning to make her cookies for months.

Thanks Lisa!

~ Enjoy! ~

Bagged cookies for Zack's family.


The Cookies in the Bag

How my 4 year old decorated the bag for his friend.

Cookies for the salon


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cookies headed to Illinois

Elizabeth and her husband have a "summer home" here in Door County and are headed back to Illinois today until next summer.  She called me up last minute to see if I had any cookies that she could take back with her for her grandkids.  I threw together these for her. 

Thanks Elizabeth!

~ Enjoy! ~

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Marley’s Get Well Cookies

Marley had surgery so I made her some cookies to help brighten her day. 

~ Enjoy! ~

Or you can check out Marley's mom Cassie's photography...

Kitty Cat Race 2011 Snowmobile Cookies

I was asked if I could make some snowmobile cookies to hand out with trophies for the Kitty Cat Race this weekend.

I toyed around with the idea of making my own cookie cutter or hand cutting the cookies, and then Rachel and I decided I would make them to look like a Snowmobile Crossing sign. So here they are the individual snowmobile was done free hand, so each cookie is slightly different.

Good Luck Kitty Cat Racers! 

Thanks Rachel for the order!

~ Enjoy! ~

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Many Fall Cookies

Our church is having a Fall Fest tonight and my good friend Pam asked if I would make cookies...secretly I think she just wanted them for her own enjoyment, but thought that the kids at the Fall Fest would also enjoy them.

So here they are 60+ the shape of maple leaves, oak leaves, pumpkins, apples and acorns. The extras will go to the people in the arthritis water aerobics class that I teach on Fridays. 

~ Enjoy! ~

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Cake for the Randy Pluff Benefit

My friend Kim asked if she could order a cake to take to the Randy Pluff Benefit, I believe the cake was going to be used in a "cake walk".
Here is a link describing the reason behind the benefit.

We discussed a few different ideas of what the cake should look like, and decided that a fall cake is what we would go with. The cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

~ Enjoy! ~

5 girls~50 miles Cookies

Some of you may know this but I have been training most of the summer and fall for a running race. Well that race occurred yesterday, it was a 50 mile race that I competed in with 4 other girls. We each took turns running different legs of the race, and I ran a total of 11.3 miles.

Now those of you who have known me for a long time I was never a "runner" a swimmer yes, but I was never a "runner".  Somewhere during the training I started enjoying my runs, and I am looking forward to many more races in the future.

Since my entire team had never competed in the Fall 50 before our team name was the "Fall 50 Virgins". Unlike most of our competitors we did not have team shirts, but we did have team cookies.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Marlene's Birthday Cake

Marlene’s Birthday is next week, but she is celebrating it with her grandchildren this weekend. Her daughter ordered her a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting. I tried to use colors and a fall theme for her cake.

Happy Birthday Marlene!

Thanks Holly!
~ Enjoy! ~

Mark and Cheryl’s Anniversary Cake

Mark and Cheryl are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary, and their daughter Tami ordered them a cake. The cake is a yellow and chocolate marble with butter cream frosting.

Happy Anniversary Mark and Cheryl!

Thanks Tami!
~ Enjoy! ~

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My birthday treats.

Today is my birthday and I enjoyed my day with family and friends. Last night I put together a Pumpkin Monkey Bread from this recipe.
And let it rise for the last time in the refrigerator, and my wonderful husband was nice enough to put it in the oven and wake me up once it was baked. I put the Monkey Bread in my crown cake pan rather than the Bundt pan that the recipe calls for. We all enjoyed the Monkey Bread (this was the second time I had made it) before showering and heading to church.
After church we were invited to some friend’s house for dinner, and I volunteered to make the cake, I made myself a double layer white cake with frosting and fresh fruit. The majority of the cake was eaten, but there were 6 adults and 10 kids that feasted on it. I'm sure I will enjoy the rest either as a bed time snack or breakfast tomorrow.
~ Enjoy! ~

Monday, October 10, 2011

Carly Roses' Birthday Cupcakes!

Ms. Carly Rose had a birthday on Saturday and turned 17. She was busy working and tonight she has a Swim Team dinner at her house so her mom asked me to make cupcakes for the Girls Swim Team. I made 15 white cupcakes and 15 chocolate cupcakes, and frosted them with blue frosting like water...and added Swedish Fish to them...the year I coached the Girls Swim Team, they were a team favorite. 

Happy Birthday Carly!

Thanks Megan!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Danny's Brewer's Birthday Cake

Danny is turning 6 and is having a sports birthday party. He wanted a Brewer's cake to help celebrate the day. The cake is a marble cake of white and chocolate cake and it is topped off with butter cream frosting.

Happy Birthday Danny! 

Thanks Kim!

~ Enjoy! ~

Ralph and Ethel's 65th Wedding Anniversary

That's right Ralph and Ethel celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary this seems like an awesome accomplishment to me.

Their daughter-in-law Norma used a gift certificate that she had bid on at the
and had cookies made for Ralph and Ethel's big celebration this weekend.

Congrats Ralph and Ethel on 65 years of Marriage.

Thanks Norma!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fire Truck Cookies for the Preschool Class

As I said in my last post, I made these cookies for my boy’s classes.

My kindergartener and his class enjoyed these on Monday, and tomorrow my middle son's preschool class will be enjoying these.
~ Enjoy! ~

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fire truck Cookies for my son's Kindergarten Class

Some of you may remember that my first "try" at cookies was just last year when the fire trucks came to visit my oldest son's 4 K (preschool) classroom.

Well, today his kindergarten class was visited by the Sturgeon Bay Fire Fighters and I made his class fire truck cookies for the occasion.

I've made a lot of fire truck cookies this week as my middle son will have the fire truck visit on Thursday, and I am making cookies for all of the 4K afternoon students to enjoy. 

They look vaguely similar to these.

~ Enjoy! ~

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hannah Rose's Baptism Cake

It's been a big week for little Ms. Hannah Rose. Tuesday she was adopted, and if you missed those cookies go to the archive of my blog to see those, and then today she was baptized. Ms. Hannah's baptism cake is a white cake with butter cream frosting.

Congrats Hannah!

Thanks Shelly and Wayne!

~ Enjoy! ~