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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My birthday treats.

Today is my birthday and I enjoyed my day with family and friends. Last night I put together a Pumpkin Monkey Bread from this recipe.
And let it rise for the last time in the refrigerator, and my wonderful husband was nice enough to put it in the oven and wake me up once it was baked. I put the Monkey Bread in my crown cake pan rather than the Bundt pan that the recipe calls for. We all enjoyed the Monkey Bread (this was the second time I had made it) before showering and heading to church.
After church we were invited to some friend’s house for dinner, and I volunteered to make the cake, I made myself a double layer white cake with frosting and fresh fruit. The majority of the cake was eaten, but there were 6 adults and 10 kids that feasted on it. I'm sure I will enjoy the rest either as a bed time snack or breakfast tomorrow.
~ Enjoy! ~

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