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Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Recital Cookies

Jillian asked if I could help her out by making some cookies for Henry's recital.

Since the recital featured not only piano students like Henry, but also voice and musical instruments, I decided I would make Treble Clef cookies.

Many Thanks again Jillian!
~ Enjoy! ~

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lily's Heart Cake

Lily turned 4 yesterday, and requested a two layered heart cake; she wanted one layer yellow cake, and one layer chocolate cake. She also asked for pink frosting and a small red heart.  The cake was a 14 inch heart cake pan so the cake was large.  :)

Happy Birthday Lily!
Thanks Jen!
~ Enjoy! ~

Baby Shower Cookies

Char asked if I could make some cookies for a Baby Shower, so I made Ducks, Onesies, Bibs, Rattles, and Baby Carriages

Thanks Char!

~ Enjoy! ~


Lindy asked if I could make a NASCAR cake for her Dad...we talked about some different designs, and Lindy tried to find a reasonably prices NASCAR for on top, without any success.

Lindy did let me know that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was her Dad's favorite driver so I went with that.

The cake was a chocolate cake topped with butter cream.
Happy Birthday Dad!
Thanks Lindy!
~ Enjoy! ~

Ella's Communion Cake

Ella is taking her first Communion tomorrow, and I made a cake to celebrate her special day.

Ella's cake is a Vanilla and Chocolate marble that is topped with butter cream.

Congratulations Ella!

Thanks Amy!

~ Enjoy! ~

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mom and Dad's MVP

Our church is having a baby shower for Michelle who had baby Morgan in March.  I was asked to make basketball cookies for the shower. 

Congrats Michelle! 

Thanks Noreen!

Perry the Platypus Cookies

It's nearly finals time, and Kathy asked if I could ship some Perry the Platypus cookies to her daughter Katie.

Katie will be gearing up for finals next week, and her cookie should arrive in plenty of time.

I tucked a note from Kathy in the box to let Katie know that Mom was thinking of her.
Good Luck Katie!

Thanks Kathy!

~ Enjoy! ~

Cheering up Amara

Karen asked about the possibility of some last minute cookies for her niece Amara.  Amara is having shoulder surgery on Monday after a cheerleading injury. 

I made these cookies for Karen who then shipped them to Amara, and they should be in Amara's hands prior to her surgery. 

Thanks Karen!

~ Enjoy! ~

Engagement Cupcakes

Amy and Jesse are getting married in just under 2 months, and today they are having some Engagement pictures taken. Amy asked about cupcakes for the occasion.

I made Jumbo Vanilla cupcakes, and used some different techniques for the detailing on the cupcakes.

I also made some heart shaped cookies for Amy to stick into the cupcakes that say "I do and Me too" which is part of the upcoming wedding.

Amy also wanted a cupcake for the photographers.  I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out!
Congrats Amy and Jesse!

~ Enjoy! ~

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Treats for the Big Cheese

My middle son is the "Big Cheese" this week in his 4K class, and the theme is "Under the Sea" I wanted to do something special for him this week, so besides taking snacks in all week, I also made an extra special treat for him to share with his class. He has a summer birthday, so bringing treats in for his birthday isn't a choice, and his half-birthday falls days before Christmas and that time of year can be crazy so I opted to do it "Big" for my "Big Cheese".

I made some Angel Fish cookies that I had the kids "paint" with food coloring, and then for snack I made Pirate Telescopes.
(Wish I could give credit to the individual who came up with these, they are not my original idea...but I can't find who originally made these, even among all of my blogs that I follow, I can't come up with it)

Using an ice cream cone that I filled with Puppy Chow, and then sealed it in with a cookie and put a Rolo® on the bottom. I painted with frosting blue water, light brown sand and a palm tree.

I was so busy with my "Big Cheese" that I forgot to pull my camera out while the kids enjoyed the treats.
~ Enjoy! ~

A plain Angle Fish Cookie

Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 Wheeler Cake and Cookies for Brayden and Gavin

Tracy asked if I would be able to make a ckae and cookies for her boy's birthday party.  The boys Brayden and Gavin (very close to my Braden and Gannon's names) like 4 Wheelers and will be enjoying these a chocolate/vanilla marble cake that is topped with butter cream and candy chocolate rocks. 

Happy Birthday Brayden and Gavin!

Thanks Tracy!

~ Enjoy! ~

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fire truck Cookies for Tyler's 1st Birthday

I made these Fire Truck cookies for Tyler's 1st  Birthday Party today.

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Thanks Amy!

~ Enjoy! ~

Donation to the Band Pops Silent Auction

I donated cookies and a gift certificate to the Sturgeon Bay Band Pops Concert and Silent Auction. 

Mary's 40th Surprise

Julie contacted me to see if I could make a cake for Mary's 40th Birthday Surprise party.

Mary's favorite cake flavor is Cherry Chip so I made that for her, and Julie can't have milk so we worked with that.
Mary I hope you had a wonderful Surprise Birthday.
Many thanks Julie; it was a pleasure working with you.
~ Enjoy! ~

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Beyer's Shower Cookies

Last night there was a baby shower for Baby Beyer.
I made a wide variety of cookies for the shower. There where Rattles, Onesies, Ducks, Bibs and baby Carriages.
My favorite cookies were the pink and blue onesies that said
"Daddy's Girl?
Mommy's Girl?
Daddy's Boy?
Mommy's Boy?"

Thanks Jen I hope you had fun!

~ Enjoy! ~

Friday, April 13, 2012

Titanic Cookies for Harrison

Harrison's Birthday is on the Anniversary of the Titanic sinking and his Mom Moira searched high and low for a cookie cutter she of a steam boat, to have Titanic cookies sent to him for his Birthday.

Well thanks to the internet Moira found me, and the Titanic cookies I see Moira lives in California and Harrison is in New York, and I'm in the middle in Wisconsin.

She contacted me last minute, and I made and shipped these cookies to Harrison, and he should be receiving them at work before lunch.

The cookie on top of the shipping box was a Thank You to the Girls @ Pack-N-Ship who helped me price out the cost of shipping the cookies on such short notice.

Happy Birthday Harrison!

Thanks was a pleasure working with you.

 ~Enjoy! ~