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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Treats for the Big Cheese

My middle son is the "Big Cheese" this week in his 4K class, and the theme is "Under the Sea" I wanted to do something special for him this week, so besides taking snacks in all week, I also made an extra special treat for him to share with his class. He has a summer birthday, so bringing treats in for his birthday isn't a choice, and his half-birthday falls days before Christmas and that time of year can be crazy so I opted to do it "Big" for my "Big Cheese".

I made some Angel Fish cookies that I had the kids "paint" with food coloring, and then for snack I made Pirate Telescopes.
(Wish I could give credit to the individual who came up with these, they are not my original idea...but I can't find who originally made these, even among all of my blogs that I follow, I can't come up with it)

Using an ice cream cone that I filled with Puppy Chow, and then sealed it in with a cookie and put a Rolo® on the bottom. I painted with frosting blue water, light brown sand and a palm tree.

I was so busy with my "Big Cheese" that I forgot to pull my camera out while the kids enjoyed the treats.
~ Enjoy! ~

A plain Angle Fish Cookie

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