Door County Custom Cakes and Cookies

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

TTX's Open House

TTX had an Open House on Monday night and I was honored when I was asked to make these cookies for the Open House.
We took our boys and some friends kids with us, and enjoyed the tour ourselves. It was very interesting to see the process of what some of our local business do.
~ Enjoy! ~

Nicole's Baby Shower

Nicole's having a baby boy in a few weeks and her friend Vicki had a baby shower for her.
I was very pleased to make this cake for her and the guests.
Congrats Nicole!
Thanks Vicki!

~ Enjoy! ~

Danan's Cookie Cake

Danan's wife Nicole asked me to make this Cookie Cake and ship it to him. 
Happy Birthday Danan!
Thanks Nicole!
~ Enjoy! ~


Briana's Belle Cookies

Several weeks ago I made these Belle cookies for Briana's 5th Birthday.
Happy Birthday Briana!
Thanks Dena!
~ Enjoy! ~


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jane's MD Cookies

Jane's having a get together this weekend and asked if I could make and ship some cookies for her. 
Thanks Jane!
~ Enjoy! ~


Hello Kitty Cookies

Julie ordered these cookies for her daughter Claire's 5th Birthday. 

Happy Birthday Claire!
Thanks Julie!
~ Enjoy! ~

Cookies for the LT. Governor

Wisconsin's LT. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch was in town on Monday visiting an area business, and I had the honor of making these cookies for the visit.
~ Enjoy! ~


Lauren's Baby Shower

Lauren is a co-worker of my husband and is getting ready to have a baby boy.  I made these cookies for her work baby shower.
~ Enjoy! ~


IronMom Kelly

One of my training partners recently completed her first ever Ironman. Kelly took her training to a whole new level and completed Ironman Wisconsin on 9/9/12. I made these cookies, and the proceeded to leave them at home. Good think cookies taste great no matter when you get to enjoy them.
Congrats Kelly!
~ Enjoy! ~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tami and Jeremy's Wedding Treats

Tami and Jeremy were married this past weekend, and I made their cupcake center pieces as well as their Red Velvet Wedding Cake.
Congrats Tami and Jeremy on your new journey together.
~ Enjoy! ~


Cupcakes for a 90th Birthday Party

I made these cupcakes for a 90th Birthday Celebration this past weekend. The cupcakes were Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting and both a Vanilla and Chocolate cupcake with butter cream.
Thanks Kayla!
~ Enjoy! ~


Addison's Care Bear Cookies

Addison turned 5 and had a Care Bear themed birthday. I made these cookies for her party.
Happy Birthday Addison!
Thanks again Kristi!
~ Enjoy! ~

Flight Engineer School Graduation

Danielle's husband Bryan went throught Flight Engineer School and is graduation this week.  She had these cookies sent to him and his classmates.
Congrats Bryan on this new journey!
Thanks Danielle!
~ Enjoy! ~

Back to School Cookies

Last week the teachers received these cookies as a Welcome Back to School from the PTG.
I hope it's a great school year.
~ Thanks PTG! ~
~ Enjoy! ~


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthday Cake!

Jill is hosting a Birthday Party Get Together today for a friend and asked if I could make a cake for the get-together.

Many thanks Jill!
~ Enjoy! ~


Engagement Party Sunflower Cookies

Carol had an Engagement Party for her son and her future daughter-in-law this past weekend.
Sunflowers were a very big part of the celebration and before Carol had picked up the cookies, she stopped by the Farmer's Market and bought several bunches of Sunflowers.
I made these cookies for the celebration, some were chocolate chip and the others were sugar.
Congrats J & B!
Thanks Carol!
~ Enjoy! ~


Caleb's 1st Birthday Treats

Caleb celebrated his 1st Birthday with a Baby Snoopy Cake and his very own Smash cake.
  Happy Birthday Caleb! 
Thanks Jamie! 
~ Enjoy! ~


Geri's Carrot Cake

Geri had asked if I could make an egg free/dairy free carrot cake for her birthday.
The cake was a breeze, but I always associate cream cheese frosting with a good carrot cake...and well let's be honest it's a challenge to make cream cheese frosting without dairy.
Geri found a coconut cream frosting that I attempted, but the frosting never set up, and was more of a glaze, so about 10:00 PM I headed to the grocery store and found a dairy free cream cheese made from Tofu, and made a frosting.
The consistency was thinner than my regular cream cheese frosting, so I wasn't able to pipe the frosting or make any fun designs on the cake...but the taste was good. 
Happiest of Birthday's Geri!
~ Enjoy! ~

It's a Boy!

Some of our dear friends and their 4 girls welcomed a baby boy almost 2 weeks ago. 
Last week we went over to meet this
little Prince, and these were one of the gifts we gave them. 
Congrats on your little Prince. 
~ Enjoy! ~

Paul's Birthday Treats

This past week Paul celebrated his birthday, and brought these treats into work with him. 
Happy Birthday Paul! 
Many thanks Deb and Paul! 
~ Enjoy! ~