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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A 70th Birthday Carnival

This weekend the Wacky Weis are  celebrating a 70th Birthday in the form of a Carnival, and some Big Top Cookies of mine will be joining in on the celebration.

I made a "Thank You" cookie and a Hello Kitty Cookie to the two that ordered them.

Many thanks Leif and Mandy!

~ Enjoy! ~

Alyssa's 21st Birthday

Alyssa celebrated her 21st Birthday on Friday, and I had the honor of making her cakes.

I made a cake for Alyssa what was a Gluten Free Amaretto Cake with Dairy Free Frosting and then a Strawberry cake for the rest of the party goers.

Happy 21st Birthday Alyssa!

~ Enjoy! ~

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tess' Bachelorette Treats

Lindy's future Sister-in-Law Tess is having her Bachelorette party this weekend in Oklahoma. Lindy wasn't able to make it for the festivities, but wanted to contribute something so she contacted me and I made cookies for the girls getting together this weekend.

Congrats Tess!

Many Thanks Lindy!
~ Enjoy! ~

Soccer Mom

A few weeks ago, as I drove my old son to his first soccer game 45 minutes away from our house in my mini-van I laughed as I thought I'm a "Soccer Mom".

Sporting the mini-van...loaded with my own kids to in fact a soccer game.

Fast forward to this week when I was responsible for bringing snacks to the Monday soccer game. Given my love for decorating cookies, I knew I needed to do cookies, but not feeling confident in my soccer ball skills, I decided I would make personalized jersey cookies for the kids.

The weather was against me, and the game actually didn't happen, not because of the weather because that had cleared up prior to the game, but the other team didn't show up.

I shared my snack anyway, because honestly who needs an entire watermelon and 30 jersey cookies.

I still have the cookies for the teammates who weren’t at our “game” on Monday, and plan on passing them out at our next practice.
~Enjoy! ~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Braden and Olivia's Birthday

My son Braden and his best friend Olivia had their birthday party together on Saturday.

Olivia wanted her portion of her cake to have two My Little Pony ™ characters, Apple Jack and Pinky Pie, and Braden wanted Jake from Jake and the Never land Pirates ™.

Their cake was a strawberry cake.

Their “Thank You” gift for party attendees was Rolled out Chocolate Chip Thank You Cookies and a balloon.

Happy Birthday Olivia and Braden.

~Enjoy! ~

Cooper's 4th Birthday

Cooper celebrated his 4th Birthday this weekend, and his Mom asked if I could make him a white and chocolate marble cake with John Cena on it. 

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Thanks Missy!

~ Enjoy! ~

June's Birthday Treats

Earlier this week June turned 4...and I was very happy when I was asked to make some treats for her birthday.

June like most little girls I know likes My Little Pony™ and so I made her cookies with Rainbow Dash and Flutter Shy and then her cake with was a Vegan white cake with blueberries also had Flutter Shy.

Happiest Birthday June!

Thanks Teri!

~ Enjoy! ~

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Graduation Cakes

Today at First Baptist Church in Sturgeon Bay, several individuals were recognized for their recent graduation.

Since several different schools were represented, I made a "generic" cake that did not have any particular school colors on it.

One cake was chocolate and the other was vanilla.

Congratulations Class of 2012!

~ Enjoy! ~

It's a...peaking baby!

Heather and Tad are expecting baby # 4 and asked me if I could help them with some cookies to reveal the gender of their baby.

Heather dropped a sealed envelope off on Friday night, and picked up a sealed package of cookies.

I got the idea from the cookies from Amanda at when she made similar cookies with her 4th child.

Congrats and many Thanks to Heather and Tad. 

~ Enjoy! ~

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Holiday Motel's 60th Birthday

This weekend is the Steel Bridge Songfest,
and last year I made these cookies for the songwriters.

I was asked again this year, but my busy schedule did not allow for me to make cookies.

With all of the musicians in town for the Song Fest, Sweet William came up with a grand plan to help the Holiday Motel and someone else celebrate their 60th Birthday.

The cake is a chocolate cherry cake that is topped with butter cream frosting.

Happy 60th Birthday!

Many thanks Sweet William.

~ Enjoy! ~

50th Wedding Anniversary

I was asked to provide a cake for a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party that is taking place at Galileo’s tonight.

Congrats on 50 years of marriage.

 Thanks Miriam.

~Enjoy! ~

Mia's Monkey Cake

Mia is celebrating her 4th birthday this weekend, and her mom Sarah asked if I could make a Monkey Cake for her. 

Mia's cake has a vanilla and a chocolate layer and it topped with butter cream. 

Happy Birthday Mia! 

Thanks again Sarah! 

 ~ Enjoy! ~

Friday, June 8, 2012

School Year Thank You!

My boys had a great year...thanks to their awesome teachers and bus drivers.

We thanked their Teachers with a Vera Bradley ™ Tote and their bus drivers with some Thank You cookies.

Many thanks to Mrs. Kroll, Ms. Melissa, Mrs. MacMillen, Ms. Hammen, Mr. Bruce and Mr. Jack!

~ Enjoy! ~

Baseball Cookies for School

Shelly asked if I could make some Baseball Cookies for one of her son's to take to school.

Thanks Shelly!

~Enjoy! ~

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mia's Monkey Cookies

Mia is celebrating her birthday today at school with these Monkey Cookies.

This weekend Mia will celebrate with a Monkey Cake!

Happy Birthday Mia!

Thanks Sarah!

~ Enjoy! ~

Olivia's My Little Pony Cookies

Olivia also celebrated her "summer" birthday at school yesterday.

Olivia chooses to have rolled out chocolate chip cookies with two of her favorite My Little Pony characters Rainbow Dash and Flutter Shy.

Olivia will celebrate her actual birthday in a few weeks!

Happy "summer" Birthday Olivia!

Thanks Lori!

~ Enjoy! ~

Lily's Hello Kitty Cookies

Lily celebrated her "summer" birthday at school yesterday with these Hello Kitty cookies.

Lily's birthday is in August so she is one lucky little girl who gets 2 birthday celebrations.

Happy Summer Birthday Lily!

Thanks Nancy!

~ Enjoy! ~

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jake's Graduation Goodies

It is Graduation weekend and Jake is Graduating from Sturgeon Bay High School tomorrow, but celebrated with a party today.

I made a cake and some cookies to help with his celebration. Jake's cake is a white cake with butter cream, and the cookies were a variety of shapes.

Congrats Jake good Luck in KC!

Thanks Suzanne!

~ Enjoy! ~