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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Train cake

I was asked if I could make a train cake for 3 kids who were celebrating their birthday.

Each child requested a different flavored cake, and a different color frosting.

William turned 1, and enjoyed Carrot Cake with Green Cream Cheese Frosting.

Vella turned 3, and enjoyed a Strawberry cake with of course Pink Frosting.

Henry turned 7 and he enjoyed Chocolate Cake (Dairy Free) and Yellow Frosting.

I made the engine out of the Chocolate Cake.

Happy Birthday William, Vella and Henry!
Many thanks Jillian!

~Enjoy! ~

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ashley and Ryan's Shower Goodies

Ashley and Ryan are getting married in August, and Ashley and I have been communication over e-mail details about the wedding since February...Ashley and Ryan live in Texas which is a long way away from Door County where the wedding will be.

It worked out that they could spend Memorial Day here in Door County so rather than taking them away from their family that they were here to visit, and since a wedding shower was planned, I made their cake testing into their wedding shower goodies.

I made three different cakes, and some cookies for the occasion, rumor has it that tallies were taken and everyone had their "vote" as to which cake the Bride and Groom should choose.

The three cake flavors that I made were as follows, and Italian Crème Cake with cream cheese frosting between the layers and the covered in butter cream, a Lemon Cake with a layer of Strawberry and then topped in butter cream, and lastly a Lemon Poppy seed Cake with a layer of Lemon that was topped in butter cream.

Thanks Lois, Ashley and Ryan!

~ Enjoy! ~

Italian Crème Cake

Lemon Cake with Strawberry

Lemon Poppy Seed with Lemon

Owls and Cows

Lindy asked about the possibility of having me make some Owl and Cow cookies for a shower this weekend. 

I threw in a few lamb cookies just for fun.  

 Here they are. 

Thanks Lindy! 

~Enjoy! ~

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lily's Zoo Cookies and Lori's Birthday Cookies

Lori and Steve are traveling to Texas to help their Granddaughter celebrate her 1st Birthday, but today happens to be Lori's Birthday. Lori received some cookies from her Secret Sis at church, and so I had her cookies ready along with Lily's Zoo Animal cookies.

Happy Birthday Lily and Lori.

Thanks Lori and Lori's Secret Sis.

~Enjoy! ~

Henry's Birthday Cookies...Star Wars™ Style.

Last year for Henry's Birthday I made Yoda cookies and a cake, this year I made these cookies. Henry requested that the cookies be the Rolled out Chocolate Chip. Henry's cake will be made in a few days so make sure you check it out.

Happy 7th Birthday Henry!

Thanks again Jillian!

~ Enjoy! ~

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taylor and Brody's Lego™ Birthday

Taylor and Brody are celebrating their 7th and 5th Birthday parties today.

I made them Lego™ cakes and Ninjago cakes for the occasion. 3 of the 4 cakes are a chocolate cake; the Green Lego™ is a vanilla cake.

For some reason the green Lego™ gave me the hardest time...and I literally stripped Fondant off of it 5 times, and finally settled with how it looks.

Happy Birthday Taylor and Brody!

Thanks Amber!

~ Enjoy! ~

Friday, May 18, 2012

Brasen's 6th Birthday

Today is Brasen's 6th Birthday, and tomorrow he is having his party.

Brasen is having a Power Ranger themed party and I made him this Egg and Dairy Free cake.

Happy Birthday Brasen! 

Thanks Nicole!
~ Enjoy! ~

Craig's Rob Cake

Craig celebrated his birthday back in April, but is "celebrating" it this weekend with a "Rob".

Happy Belated Birthday Craig!

~Enjoy! ~

Craig’s wife Crystal can’t have gluten, so I saved her a Gluten Free cupcake that I made last week, and topped it with the same chocolate buttercream and threw it in as a surprise for her.

Daniel and Becky's Wedding treats

Daniel and Becky are getting married this weekend, and I had the honor of making some cookies for their rehearsal dinner and gift opening.

I worked with Daniel's Aunt Jen on the cookie order and the Irish Trinity Knot, was present on the invitations as well as other items, so Jen wanted to try to incorporate that into the cookies, and then I came up with the idea of "Just Married" car cookies for the gift opening.

Congrats Daniel and Becky!

Many thanks Jen!

~ Enjoy! ~

Today is Jen's daughter McKenzie's Birthday so I made her a special Birthday cookie that she got to eat first thing this morning before school. 

~ Happy Birthday McKenzie ~

Saturday, May 12, 2012


The Door County Y is having their annual Blossom Run and a LIVESTRONG® run today, and I donated cookies and a gift certificate as a door prize/give away.
Happy Running!
~ Enjoy! ~

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Baby Shower Cookies

Ann and Jesse are having twins and today they are having a baby shower for them. I made Thing 1 and Thing 2 cookies for the occasion. 

Congrats Ann and Jesse! 

Thanks Kathy! 

~ Enjoy! ~

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ripon College Graduation

Sue's son Joe is graduating from Ripon College this weekend and Sue thought it would be fun to bring some cookies. I made Graduation Hats or Mortarboards and then the Ripon College school logo.

As Sue picked up her cookies I shared with her that a young woman that we know is graduating from high school and attending Ripon College, she insisted that I take and share a Ripon College cookie, so Kenzie...I've got a treat for you. :)

Thanks Sue!

~ Enjoy! ~