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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ashley and Ryan's Shower Goodies

Ashley and Ryan are getting married in August, and Ashley and I have been communication over e-mail details about the wedding since February...Ashley and Ryan live in Texas which is a long way away from Door County where the wedding will be.

It worked out that they could spend Memorial Day here in Door County so rather than taking them away from their family that they were here to visit, and since a wedding shower was planned, I made their cake testing into their wedding shower goodies.

I made three different cakes, and some cookies for the occasion, rumor has it that tallies were taken and everyone had their "vote" as to which cake the Bride and Groom should choose.

The three cake flavors that I made were as follows, and Italian Crème Cake with cream cheese frosting between the layers and the covered in butter cream, a Lemon Cake with a layer of Strawberry and then topped in butter cream, and lastly a Lemon Poppy seed Cake with a layer of Lemon that was topped in butter cream.

Thanks Lois, Ashley and Ryan!

~ Enjoy! ~

Italian Crème Cake

Lemon Cake with Strawberry

Lemon Poppy Seed with Lemon

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