Door County Custom Cakes and Cookies

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Luczak's Family Reunion

Melissa headed down to the Luczak's Family Reunion and asked if I could make some cookies to look like the Polish Flag. 

Thanks Melissa! 

~ Enjoy! ~

Gene's 80th Birthday

Gene celebrated his 80th Birthday with family and friends this past weekend, and I was asked to make his cake.

Gene's cake is a chocolate cake, and I decorated it to look like a golf course.

Happy 80th Birthday Gene!

Thanks Jill and Family!

~ Enjoy! ~

Amanda's 16th Birthday

Amanda's family had a surprise party to help Amanda celebrate her 16th Birthday on Friday.

Amanda's cake was a marble cake that was topped with buttercream and fondant. 

The top of her cake had fondant ribbons and some “Bling” cookies.   

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Many Thanks Kerry!

~Enjoy! ~

Tropical Birthday

Michele asked if I could make some cookies and a cake for her.  She had found some sunset cookies and palm trees that she wanted to see if I could make and then also she needed a gluten free-dairy free cake.  I made the following for her.  .

Thanks again Michele! 

~ Enjoy! ~

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mom...I'm hungry...AGAIN!

I am a Mom, of boys...boys who eat me out of house and home, and we haven't even hit junior or high school yet...yes I am a Mom of a 6 ½ , 5 and 2 year old.

To help combat their hunger and hopefully save a little bit of money and still provide them with the best and freshest ingredients we have a garden...or two. One here at the house and one at our local community garden.

Of course with my baking business unless I take time off it's rare to find a week of down time...and wouldn't you know that my garden is ready for me to can, freeze and pickle so many wonderful things...RIGHT NOW!

So this week I am trying to balance my orders and my garden. So I'm keeping busy, I've blanched and frozen my broccoli and my husband will work on beans while I work on a birthday cake tonight, and over the next week we'll have to tackle the beets that can't be ignored any more.

I know before too long it will be the cucumbers turn, and don't get me started on the tomatoes which usually run into applesauce season.  At least I know what I’m putting into my kid’s body. 

Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cookies for Pudding's Birthday

I was honored to make some cookies for Pudding's 9th Birthday Party.

Pudding is somewhat of a celebrity...he was featured in People Magazine (,,20586862,00.html)

for saving his owner Amy Jung's life by waking her and her son Ethan up when Amy was having a diabetic attack...and if you didn't know Pudding is a cat.

So here are the cookies that I made for his Birthday Party at Door County Floral (

Thanks Amy, Kyle and Jeremy for thinking of me.

 ~ Enjoy! ~

Door County Half Ironman

As you may know I spent the last 7 months training for my first Half Marathon and my first Half Ironman. This past Sunday I completed my first Half Ironman.

(1.2 Mile Swim, 56 Mile Bike and 13.1 Mile Run for 70.3 Miles)

I made some cookies to help me and my training partners celebrate this accomplishment.

I also made each of my training partners a cookie with a word for each of them to focus on during the race.

~ Enjoy! ~

Surprise Baby Shower

Heather's friends had a surprise baby shower for her. It happened to be the same week that her family was here and she ordered the Peeking Baby Boy cookies. So she got a double dose of cookies that week. :)

I took the elephant and alligator image from the invitation and made these cookies for her shower.

Thanks Teri and Kelly!

~ Enjoy! ~

Peeking Baby Boy

Heather had previously asked me to make Peeking Baby Cookies for the reveal of the gender of their 4th child...and had family in town last week and asked if I would be able to make some Peeking Baby Boy cookies for them.

Thanks again Heather!

~Enjoy! ~

Friday, July 20, 2012

Soccer Ball Cookies

My son had his last soccer game last night, and his first goal of the season.

I made these cookies for the kids to celebrate their awesome season, and had enough cookies to give to the players on the other team.

~ Enjoy! ~

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A "Rob" for Karen

Karen and her family are celebrating a few good things and wanted to have a "Rob" to help the family celebrate.   

Thanks Karen!

~ Enjoy! ~

Connor's big 4 wheeler race

Connor has a big 4 wheeler race this weekend, and his buddy Karen sent him some cookies to let him know she was thinking of him and to wish him luck. 

Good Luck Connor! 

Thanks again Karen! 

~ Enjoy! ~

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peter's Graduation

Peter celebrated his high school graduation this past weekend with his family and friends.

His cakes were a chocolate cake and a lemon poppy seed cake.

Congrats'll do amazing at St. Norbert's.

Thanks Darla and Cory!

~ Enjoy! ~

Friday, July 13, 2012

Anna and Doug's Wedding Shower

Anna and Doug are getting married and last weekend I was had the honor to make a cake for their wedding shower.

The cake was a lemon poppy seed cake that was topped with butter cream frosting, and the "flip flops" were rice Krispy treats covered in fondant.

Thanks again Susan!

~ Enjoy! ~

Erin and Andy's Wedding Shower

Erin and Andy are getting married in August, and I had the honor of making cookies for their wedding shower.

Thanks Barb!

~ Enjoy! ~

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jamie's first day of work cookies.

Jamie started a new job and asked if I could make some Logo cookies for her to bring into work for a staff meeting. 

Congrats on your new job Jamie! 

~ Enjoy! ~

Thank you cake

This past weekend I went with a friend and her cousin to ride a portion of the Ironman Wisconsin Bike course.

They are both silly enough to be training for the full Ironman, and I'm silly enough to tag along and ride the course just for fun.

We enjoyed some good food, and great chats, and we even enjoyed some cake.

~ Enjoy! ~

Betsy and James' wedding treats

Betsy and James were married this past weekend, and I was truly honored to be part of their special day.

Betsy and James' cake was a two tiered cake sort of a his and hers.  The bottom tier was a white cake with a triple berry fruit layer and the top tier was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. The entire cake was topped with buttercream and made to look like hydrangeas.

For the wedding guests I made white cupcakes also with the hydrangea buttercream flowers and chocolate cupcakes that were filled with chocolate that also had the hydrangea flowers, but the chocolate cupcakes also had a cherry buttercream frosting.

Congrats Betsy and James!

Thank you Patty, Betsy and James!

~ Enjoy! ~

Remembering Ann

This past weekend there was a memorial service for a classy lady, and I made and shipped cookies for the memorial picnic that was held in her honor. 

Ann wasn't a family member by blood, but happened to be my uncle's mother. 

We'll miss you Ann and remember you forever.

Sebastian’s 2nd Birthday

Sebi celebrated his 2nd Birthday this past weekend and I was able to make him these super cute monkey cookies for the party. 

Sebi’s actual birthday is tomorrow, so of course there will be fireworks in honor of his birthday.

  Happy Birthday Sebi!  

Thanks Alison! 

~Enjoy! ~

Katie's Dolphin Cake

Katie celebrated her 6th Birthday with this yellow cake that was decorated with a dolphin and colorful coral.

Happy Birthday Katie!

Thanks Jenny!

~ Enjoy! ~

MD appreciation

Our neighbor Missy recently had surgery, and asked if I would be willing to make some cookies for her to take to the Surgeon and staff.

Thanks Missy!

~ Enjoy! ~

Thank you Kitty's

As always when my boys have their yearly physicals I try to bring the office staff treats as a Thank You for their hard work. 

My newly 5 year old picked the cookie design, so the staff received Hello Kitty Cookies this year. 

Many Thanks! 

~ Enjoy! ~