Door County Custom Cakes and Cookies

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankful for you cookies

As I've said in the past I always appreciate the doctors and staff that my family any time we have a "physical" or "well child" visit I always like to show the staff how much we really truly appreciate all they do.
I took these in to the staff last week when I had my appointment.
~ Enjoy! ~

Book Club Treats

For book club we read a book that was sort of set in Italy...and so I made an Italian Crème Cake for the ladies to enjoy along with all of the wonderful Italian food.
Since being on my Dairy and Gluten Free kick I also made a Dairy and Gluten Free Pecan Pie.
~ Enjoy! ~


Associated Bank Logo Cookies

I was asked to make some cookies with Associated Bank's Logo on them a few weeks ago; here is how they turned out.
Thanks Mandy!
~ Enjoy! ~


Monday, November 12, 2012

Aleah's Mickey Mouse Cookies

Aleah turned 4 and "LOVES" Mickey Mouse. Her Mom Mary asked if I could make her some cookies to take to her friends at day care.
I used the Mickey shaped cookie cutter from my friend Kelly but thought the cookie was too large for the 4 year olds so I made their Mickey's on square cookies.
Oh and Aleah's favorite color is orange, so I had to make a Mickey with orange ears.
Happy Birthday Aleah!
Thanks Mary!
Thanks Kelly for letting me use your cookie cutter.
~ Enjoy! ~

Thank you cookies for Kelly's family.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lauren's Lion King Cake

Lauren turned 3 and celebrated her birthday with this cake after a big day at Chuck E. Cheese.
Happy Birthday Lauren!
Thanks Kristin!
~Enjoy! ~


Leo's Pirate Birthday

Leo celebrated his Birthday with some Pirate goodies. 
Happy Birthday Leo!
Thanks Sarah!
~ Enjoy! ~


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank You Cookies

These were some Thank You cookies that were delivered to Green Bay today.
~ Enjoy! ~

Amber's Cookie Monster Cookies

Amber Celebrated her Birthday this week and I made these cookies for her Birthday! 

Happy Birthday Amber!
Thanks Laurie!
~ Enjoy! ~


Kathy's 50th Birthday

Kathy celebrated her 50th Birthday last week, and she thought she flew under the radar, but Denise made sure to have these cookies at a staff meeting this week.
Happy Birthday Kathy!
Thanks Denise!
~ Enjoy!~

Classroom treats for Halloween

I made these treats for my oldest son’s class for
~Enjoy! ~

Harvest Fest Cookies

Our church had a Harvest Fest on Halloween, and I made these cookies for it. 
I made both "regular" sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies.
~ Enjoy! ~


Pumpkin cookies for the Staff

Nancy contacted me and asked me to make cookies for her staff. 
The employees at Stone Harbor Resort received these for Halloween.
Thanks Nancy!

~ Enjoy! ~

Attyson's Birthday Treats

I made cookies and a cake for Attyson's Birthday Party...the cake proved to be a challenge...but it was still enjoyed.
Happy Birthday Princess Attyson!
Thanks Julie and Seth!
~ Enjoy! ~
The towers fell, so I baked and started over.


Belle cake for Briana

Briana turned 5 in September, and celebrated her birthday in October.
I made this Belle cake for her.

Happy Birthday Briana!
Thanks Dena!
~ Enjoy! ~


29th Wedding Anniversary

Tami's parents celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary with this cake.
Happy Anniversary!
~ Enjoy! ~


Beckett's Rockin Birthday

Beckett turned 5 several weeks ago, and I made him this Rockin' Electric Guitar Cake.
Happy 5th Birthday Beckett!
~ Enjoy! ~