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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bo Said...Love each other, Help each other, Have your neighbor's back

Most of you are aware about Bo and his story, I say that because most of us have been living it day to day...that's what happens when an incredible young man like Bo Johnson lives within your community and that community happens to be in a county where people help each other.
Since moving to Door County I've been amazed at benefits and such things that have occurred on the behalf of individuals. Never before have I lived in a place where this has happened, and here in Door County it just seems to be the way of life.
I was beyond excited at the chance to make cookies for the Go Bo Foundation Bake Sale...and even more glad that I could hand deliver my cookies and not have to ship them. :)
Most of us have read our share about Bo; most of us have shed tears about his situation. Some of us know his family personally, but his message was clear, we are to "love each other, help each other and have your neighbor's back."
Bo challenged his classmates to "help someone in need- even a stranger- reach out and help. This world can be a better place if we care and help each other."
So it's with pride that I say that I am able to make and hand deliver these cookies, but I have to report that I made more than the cookies I am delivering... I had a few friends "order" cookies so they wouldn't have to fight the crowds this weekend...and when I deliver the cookies, I will also deliver a monetary donation to the GO BO Foundation from my friends who just wanted to help out like I did.
For nearly a month my right wrist has sported a GO BO! orange bracelet...I gave one to each of my boys and when they asked what it was for, I told them it was to help remind us to pray for Bo...and now I use it to remind me to pray for his mom Annika.
~ Enjoy! ~



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