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Friday, August 12, 2011

Mike and Tricia's Rehearsal Dinner Cookies

So up until Sunday I was all set to make 100 Motorcycle cookies, then I talked to Jody (Mike's Mom) and we decided that I would make Motorcycle cookies, Martini Cookies and some heart cookies for the rehearsal dinner she is hosting tonight.

Mike and Tricia's colors are Harley Orange and Black, but Mike and Tricia each have their own Cobalt blue motorcycle.

So here are the cookies for tonight’s festivities.

Congrats Tricia and Mike.

Thanks Jody!
Motorcycle Cookie

One of the many Heart Cookies

Sample of the 3 types of cookies

Large rectangular platter of cookies

Platter of Martinis

Mostly Hearts and Motorcycles with one Martini

Three platters of cookies

A toast to the Bride and Groom


  1. Awesome.
    I just bought a motorcycle cutter. I'm new to cookie baking and decorating so I plan to follow your blog.
    Great job,

  2. Mike and Tricia's Rehearsal Dinner Cookies are just so adorable! I love such designs. I too have been planning party but that will be a company lunch party and I am willing to book one of the local corporate events NYC venues for this. Hopefully will find a good venue within the budget.