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Saturday, April 9, 2011

80/12 Birthday

Platter of Cookies

Today something wonderful is being celebrated.
The 80th Birthday of Bob and Florence (twins).
I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to join in on the action.
I made a platter of cookies and cake for the occasion.  The cookies are a variety of shapes, circles, cupcakes, squares and even a few rectangles.
The cake is a yellow cake with a delicious layer of strawberries that is then covered with a thick butter cream frosting.  Rosettes line the cake.

80th Birthday Cake

Another birthday is also being celebrated this weekend.  Caleb is turning 12.
Caleb's cake is a yellow and chocolate marble cake with butter cream frosting.  I enjoyed making Caleb's cake special for him; he  plays both football and basketball so I tried to capture both sports and bring them together into one cake.  The basketball and football are shaped cupcakes which help give the cake a 3-D look.

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