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Saturday, May 21, 2011

“Do or do not... there is no try.”

I have to admit that my "Star Wars" knowledge is lacking, I remember watching the movies when I was a child with my older brother. I remember Yoda, Princess Leia, Hans Solo, and many of the other characters, but I’m not a “Star Wars” buff by any means.

I debated what to do and how to make this cake. At first I thought I would just do Yoda’s head, and then the debate was butter cream or fondant. When I was not pleased with how the Yoda head was turning out as I attempted to make it bigger, I started searching for a different image to use as my guide. I ended up finding one that was more cartoon like, I took the image and then made it larger on poster board. I was going to shape the cake like Yoda himself, but my husband reminded me if I left my cake in the original 11x15 size, I could feed more people.

This Yoda cake is a chocolate cake with butter cream, and hopefully he is able to help an awesome 6 year old celebrate his birthday. Enjoy!

Yoda Image I used as a guide

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